Dwight Collman MD Teaches Emergency Medicine…since 1989!

EM NEWS “Dr Collman is the premier educator in the US for EM Board Preparation!” Jan 2009 Issue.

Dwight Collman has practiced EM since 1981 and is a live test item writer for Two EM boards/He trained examiners to administer the oral exam for about a decade twice a year/He has the most accurate, well illustrated education and many organizations have ranked him as the “premier educator” for both all of the EM certification examinations. Over 400 US hospitals and several branches of the US military employed Dr Collman to train their physicians in the most rigorous conferences he created: The Oral Board Tutorial [for certification and the ConCert examination] and then he wrote/illustrated the 8-Day Interactive Review!. His content is detailed and directly from the core content outlined by ACEP…he teaches in an informal style with easy to understand test items that are mandatory for board preparation.

Dr Collman is honored and thankful to have helped over ⅓ of the world’s emergency physicians! Pathophysiology full of images and illustrations will soon be posted on the website and he will host a video Youtube channel…we are planning that now. Enjoy the detailed case study…G Hutchinson on this site…it is a sample of the 52 cases that make up the Oral Board Tutorial!. Dr C also made a recording of 33 CDs [33 h of his discussions of case managemen-and many other products to offer you!

Call him at 561-306-8163!

What can we do for you?  Prefer to have Dr Collman tutor you privately?  No problem!  Call/have a personal  evaluation + absolutely free advice!  Dr C is almost always available…if not, just txt him with your contact info.  He is usually able to  respond in 24h! 

About Us…CME programs began in 1989. Dr Collman began practicing EM in 1981.

THE ORAL BOARD TUTORIAL! You are mentored by Dr Collman. He has 52 cases each about 10-13 pages with visual stem sheets, and scoring sheets. He created a true simulation of thee oral examination and created his cases when the rules for their creation were published. That information is no longer available. He made a huge commitment! to give you a true simulation of the oral examination and has taught it live for decades. In addition, you have access to other self-study cases and his Miniprep cases he created to teach just before the oral exam in Chicago.

Our job starts with you: understanding what you need, so we can offer you options that make sense.. Near the end of the program Dr Collman reviews actual video of candidates to show them that a few days of practice is not adequate. It does not always produce confidence. It show deficits in knowledge. It helps candidates gauge the real time they need to prepare. You can order the syllabus a year in advance and this is highly advisable. This is the most rigorous program you will ever attend.

Our job starts with you: understanding what you need, so we can offer you options that make sense. Scoring of the ABEM ORAL EXAM CHANGED YEARS AGO!

Dr Collman asks that you try to use a time when you are are at home to call him. Your first consultation is always no at charge to give you a focus plan to prepare. Most residencies do not adeqautely prepare their residents for oral exams and many residents miss these sessions. Dr Collman has videotaped every prior client and the tapes prove everyone needs to rehearse what they plan to say and actually say those words repeatedly so they sound natural…you must sound natural and not like you are emulating another words or sound robotic…examiners need to hear your “process of emergency medicine.” By giving a drug dose on any case you will improve your score even if it is not a life threatening case…that is your goal…to maximize your score. YOU MUST KNOW ALL ACLS, PALS, /Anaphylaxis doses and drips. Dr Collman has developed a simplified easy way to verbalilze these so you are accurate to 1/10th of a microdrop!. You need to maximize all of the points because the oral exam is now scored on a curve and you can now fail with a mean of 5.28 when the group you test with has a mean of 5.31. Prior to this rule change a pass was a mean of 5.00 (one could “kill” or injure 4 of 11 patients [i.e., a raw score of 66%] and pass the exam…but the candidate had to fail the “right 4 cases” [each of the lowest scores on a multiple patient encounter was averaged with the other 2 cases [easy to get a mean of 5.00], the field test item [FTI] and the low of the “high-low two cases” which were previously averaged which was easy to obtain an average of 5.00 [4.99 = 1 missed [CA] critical action or 1 dangerous action and produced a case score of 4.99]. A mean of 5.00 was a pass. This is no longer true. Now with the test scored on a curve with the group, candidates have failed with a mean of 5.28 when the group scored 5.31. [~1 SD below the group]!

Advice: Prepare a list of questions especially if Dr C gave you a sample test. Only rehearse oral cases near exam time with Dr Collman or an expert who studied his methods. Dr Collman can help 12 clients the 3 days prior to the examination. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. Study his manual [330 p and all 52 of his cases repeatedly-we review them each 4 times at the conference.

Dr Collman can also show you how to enhance your memory and totally defeat any examination fatigue!

Products and Services

Not sure what you need, or what it costs? We’re here to help. There are two separate programs: The 8-Day Interactive Review and the Oral Board Tutorial. The content is twice-to-three-times as much compared to other programs; the fees are similar or less expensive than other programs on an hourly basis. Realize it has had to increase as the core content is well over 2500 pages now! One could easily write 10s of thousands of questions from that many pages!

We have recordings on CDs of the analysis of the entire Oral Board Program [The Oral Board Tutorial! [33 1 hr audio CDs] and a 997 p syllabus for the 8-Day Interactive Review! as well as other manuals and the soon to be released 7th ed of Pearls. [Available in 2020 on USB drive in multiple formats]. Dr Collman created self-study oral board cases as well as two special 1 h audio CDs [one for APAP poisoning and on for acute/chronic salicylic. There is also a 2-h VHS recording entitled CT interpretation for the Emergency Physician. Dr Collman has created new lectures for sale, e.g., a “Trauma Visual Stimulus” Presentation, “Bedsid Ultrasound” and many more. This is n ongoing creation experience for him. He writes and illustrate almost every day. He teaches all 24 of the AMA approved ABMS board content from the perspective of an emergency physician.

We’re always happy to talk about how we can best serve you. Text or call Dr Collman direct and soon we will post an email address for in dedicated just to this site. [DrC@EMedNation.com]. There will be a notice on the site when this email is active!

Get in Touch

Dr Collman teaches emergency medicine for board preparation and he is always prepared to teach a grand rounds, cases studies that every emergency provider should know. Text him 6 days a week: 561.305.8153 [Mon through Saturday] 9 am- 9 pm EST.

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